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Catering Menu


Bruschetta$45 (Platter)

          Toasted bread topped w/ garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil

Mozzarella SticksW/ tomato sauce $50 (Platter)

Calamari Fritti$70 (Platter)

        Deep fried breaded calamari rings w/ tomato sauce

Stuffed Mushrooms$45 (1/2 Tray) $65 (Full Tray)

        Mushroom caps stuffed w/ Italian sausage & seasoned bread crumbs

Vongole al Forno$45 (1/2 Tray) $70 (Full Tray)

        Baked Clams topped w/ seasoned bread crumbs

Chicken Wings$50 (1/2 Tray) $90 (Full Tray)

       Choose either Italian Style or Hot n’ Spicy

Antipasto$55 (Platter)

        Assortment of meats & cheeses, roasted peppers, pickled vegetables, olives

Rissois de Carne (Portuguese Empanadas) $24.99/ dozen

        Fried Pastry shell filled w/ seasoned ground beef & chourico sausage

Bolinhos de Bacalhau $21.99/ dozen

       Portuguese fritters made with cod fish and potatoes 

Salads/ Sides

Garden Salad $40

          Salad greens w/ tomatoes, olives, & vegetables

Potato (Italian Style)$40

          Red Skin potatoes tossed w/ olive oil, herbs, & vinegar

Meatballs or Italian Sausages$45 (1/2 Tray) $65 (Full Tray)

Broccoli          $35.00 (1/2 Tray) $50.00 (Full tray)


Ziti al Forno$50 (1/2 Tray) $65 (Full Tray)

        Baked ziti and tomato sauce topped w/ ricotta & mozzarella cheese

Manicotti $50 (1/2 Tray) $65 (Full Tray)

        Ricotta cheese filled pasta baked w/ tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese

Lasagna$50 (1/2 Tray) $75 (Full Tray)

        Layers of pasta filled with sliced sausage, meatball, and ricotta cheese

Ziti & Broccoli$50 (1/2 Tray) $65 (Full Tray)

       Ziti pasta topped w/ broccoli sautéed with garlic & olive oil

Cavatelli Bolognese$55 (1/2 Tray) $80 (Full Tray)

       Cavatelli pasta tossed w/ traditional meat sauce

Cavatelli Catanzaro $55 (1/2 Tray) $80 (Full Tray)

        Cavatelli pasta topped w/ Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, & sun dried tomatoes

Cheese Tortellini w/ tomato sauce $50 (1/2 Tray) $70 (Full Tray)

Penne alla Vodka $55 (1/2 Tray) $80 (Full Tray)

        Penne pasta tossed w/ vodka sauce


Veal $70 (1/2 Tray) $125 (Full Tray)

            Veal Parmigiana- Breaded Veal cutlet topped w/ tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

            Veal Franchese- Egg battered Veal scaloppini sautéed w/ a garlic, lemon white wine sauce

            Veal Marsala-Veal scaloppini & mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce

Chicken $60 (1/2 Tray) $95 (Full Tray)

           Chicken Parmigiana- Breaded Chicken cutlet topped w/ tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

           Chicken Marsala- Chicken breast & mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce

           Chicken Rustico- Chicken breast, Italian sausage, potatoes, and mushrooms in a lemon white wine sauce

           Chicken Cacciatore- Chicken breast, mushrooms, and peppers simmered in marinara sauce

           Chicken Francese- Egg battered chicken breast sautéed w/ garlic, white wine, and lemon

Sausage & Peppers$55 (1/2 Tray) $80 (Full Tray)

          Choice of marinara sauce or garlic & white wine

Eggplant Parmigiana $50 (1/2 Tray) $75 (Full Tray)

Eggplant Rollatini$55 (1/2 Tray) $80 (Full Tray)

           Eggplant rolled w/ ricotta cheese topped w/ tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese


Shrimp Marinara , Fra Diavolo, Scampi, or Parm $85 (1/2 Tray) $140 (Full Tray)

Calamari Marinara or Fra Diavolo$65 (1/2 Tray) $100 (Full Tray)

Mussels Marinara or Scampi $65 (1/2 Tray) $80 (Full Tray)

Clams Marinara, Fra Diavolo, or Portuguese Style $65 (1/2 Tray) $90(Full Tray)

Zuppa de Pesce $90 (1/2 Tray) $140 (Full Tray)

          Clams, mussels, calamari, & shrimp simmered in a marinara sauce

Paella $90 (1/2 Tray) $140 (Full Tray)

         Clams, mussels, calamari, chicken, chourico sausage, shrimp, and rice

Seafood Scampi $85 (1/2 Tray) $140 (Full Tray)

        Clams, mussels, & shrimp simmered in a garlic, white wine, and butter sauce

Baccala Belissimo $80 (1/2 Tray) $110 (Full Tray)

        Flaky Salt Cod simmered w/ chorizo sausage & potatoes served over rice

Carne Alentejana $80 (1/2 Tray) $110 (Full Tray)

        Steamed clams, marinated pork loin, & crispy potatoes

Mariscada Portuguese $90 (1/2 Tray) $140 (Full Tray)

       Littleneck clams, mussels, baccala, and shrimp simmered with onions, fresh tomatoes, white wine, and olives served over ziti

Stuffed Sole $85 (1/2 Tray) $130 (Full Tray)

       Filet of Sole stuffed w/ shrimp & crabmeat baked w/garlic, white wine, & butter

½ Tray Serves 8-12 People Full Tray Serves 16-24 People

Prices are subject to change

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